Abbot Downing
Well, that was quite the holiday. Would someone recommend a superb taxidermist for my three giraffes?
First day back in the office after a two month cruise across the Atlantic. Feeling so bourgeoisie on dry land.
An exquisite afternoon patio party at Gates’. Two hours in with comically large spoon and we haven’t even finished the almas caviar!
After midnight, can we get that Times Square ball back on my wife’s hand where it belongs?
Oh mine, which wine goes best with panda meat?
Why is the building half empty at 5:30? Employees who remain focused during the holidays will be spared. Others will be let go.
I’m going to have to start buying three of everything. It seems that whenever I want to wear a particular item of clothing I find that it is in one of my other houses.
We need to get the Greeks & Italians to stop eating olives & drinking wine and back to work.
I had to get rid of my golf instructor after he had some PR problems from crashing his car.
How absolutely dreadful! Not enough third world children have died for these diamonds. Could I look at another display?